Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
9/12/2010 Meeting Notes





We reviewed the architecture and standards defined by the Continua Health Alliance. We compared their architecture ( with the presentation Chris gave last summer. While we can neither afford to become a Continua Alliance member at this time, nor could we turn their work into "open source" even if we did join them, we think it's important for any hardware and software that we build to implement the same underlying IEEE standards, thereby giving future manufacturers a chance of getting products based on our work certified by the Continua Alliance.

From page 16, the relevant protocols and standards for us to follow seem to be:

From page 17, the relevant standards for us to follow seem to be:
IEEE 11073-20601 Base Framework Protocol
IEEE 11073-10406 Pulse / Heart Rate
IEEE 11073-10407 Blood Pressure
Any others related to other sensors that are added to the device

Bob is going to see if can turn up a copy of the IEEE standards.

The only news from the lab is that the attempt to sponsor a Senior Design project fell through at the last minute. The professor that volunteered to be the student advisor for the project (Larry Kinney) backed out at the last minute for unexplained "personal reasons", and there was no time to locate another. We were invited to submit the proposal again in December for the spring semester.

Steven, Mike, and I talked about what to do next in the lab. As the pulse transit time experiments have not worked out all that well, and are about to be finished up, we want to have someone looking ahead at what other techniques and related sensors we should be trying. This is a research project, examining information about non-cuff blood pressure products that are out in the field and academic literature describing alternatives. So this is a small recruiting task that you might be able
to help with - finding one or two people who can review papers, distill the information, and possibly put together ideas from more than one product or technique to meet our convenience, cost, quality, and other goals.


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