Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
3/22/2009 Meeting Notes




* Larry: Progress, ordered electrical components for timers and fabricating. Learning how to use 3 different CAD programs to layout circuit boards. Plans: get web meeting software., run from Open University, free classes online.

* Chris: Legal licensing, the issue comes down to derivative licenses; The GPL license requires that derivative works remain open source. Looked in more detail on ARDUINO, and SqydB, a derivative Mote. The LGPL. Creative Commons has an attribution license that enables open hardware to be used in proprietary products as long as credit is given. ARDUINO is hosted on Google code at They have adjoinint sites as home pages, a wiki, a blog and a forum. There is also GPL documentation. He is leaning towards Less GPL for software and firmware, all designs for creative commons, with attribution.
Chris needs the meeting notes posted.


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