Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
3/8/2009 Meeting Notes




* Franz: Summarized their work on variations in earth temperatures and found a 2 degree cycle. Larry will correspond with US Air Force Colonel Dave Sonntag to enable him to drive volunteers into Larry's systems prototype.
* El: In the last meeting, Chris decided to complete the Requirements and Architecture sufficient for distributed (global)) development.
* Chris: First deliverable is a version the architectural description completed this morning 3/8/2009, of the data acquisition prototype and what has changed.
* Larry: Steven James, Eric Dzerski, Larry, William and Jim Holte. There is a digital timer and an analog timer. Digital is being done by Eric, on a circuit board running in an Omron wrist BP. Analog is being done by Steven and William, teaching them how to spin a board. In the medium term, within a month or two, to conduct the recruiting effort. Next task is to get a microcontroller, like the TI MSP 430 and free board, and evolve it towards what we want. This is bottom up development. Additionally, Jason has gotten together the tools, compiler for the PIC microprocessor, from Microchip. The most popular microprocessor, he has experience with it, and he has the board, so he is working with what he has available.
* Bob: Rabbit is another source of microprocessor, and Sean McCutcheon.
* Chris: Needs the latest meeting notes.


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