Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
1/11/2009 Meeting Notes




EMBC 2009 Conference - Chris Adams

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* Mini-symposium, presents from perspective of applied science, engineering, and project management, highlights the ramifications of open source development. Shared inquiry follows the presentations.

Goals are:
* Recruiting
* Gathering useful ideas

* Part I: Presentation (1 hr)
- Problem & Vision
- Applied Sciences View
- Systems Engineering View
- Social View
- Management View
- Opportunities
* Part II: Shared Inquiry (1/2 hr)
- Q&A directed by the presenters to the audience.

* 1/15: Symposium due, abstract
* 4/7: Supporting papers due, Chris, Open Source Medical Device Development: "The Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor", 4-page summary of presentation.
* May: 1st dry run
* August: 2nd dry run
* Conference:
- Venue: Minneapolis Hilton (10th & Marquette)
- 2-6 Sept 2009 (Wed-Sun before Labor Day)
- Presenter
-- Chris
-- Revisit participant list after May dry-run.

Before September
* Process Framework
- Interest groups more explicitly
* Licensing issues resolved
* Organization
- Caretaker of version control archives (librarian)
- Caretaker of publications (editor)
* Community Tools
- Favored publication site
- Wiki
- Version control system
-- For:
--- Documents
---- Architecture
---- Requirements
--- Firmware
--- Software
--- Tools

Prototype - Larry Beaty

* The wording to describe the people we need for the lab.
- Contributors: Dick Schwarz, El Nolley, Jason Hsu, Steven James.
* Lab is locked because of theft.
- Mike Callaghan needs access to an electronics lab in San Diego.
* Equipment to buy: basic prototyping kit. amps for instrumentation and filter. Microcontroller Programming kit.


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