Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
12/14/2008 Meeting Notes



* Chris: Been working on prototype requirements: Use Cases

* Larry: Not going as well as he'd like. Looking for volunteers with experience in research engineering and experienced biomedical engineers.
* Franz: New discoveries: blood pressure alignment with 154 day ~ 5 month solar cycle with 172 patients. Correlates with season, geomagnetic and solar cycles. There is a 3 beat/minute impact. Other impacts are on aggression.

* El: Staffing the systems prototype project and assessing Phoenix participation in the EMBC 2009 Conference.


EMBC 2009 Conference - Chris Adams

Suggested formats:

* Part I: Presentation: 1) Problem, 2) Vision, 3) Applied Sciences, 4) Systems Engineer View, 5) Open Process Framework, 6) Project Organization, 7) Opportunities.

* Part II: Shared Inquiry: Format: MiniSymposium: Papers, Workshop, Plenary, Thematic Track 9: Thereapuetuc and Design., Systems and Devices.

* Symposium Proposal is due 1/15/2009.

* Papers are 4 page maximum.

* Papers: MiniSymposium Contribution are due in April.

* To Do

- Process Framework activities: Interest, Librarian, Editor.
- Community Tools: (Inktext, Html)

-- Publication:

-- Wiki: CNX,

-- VCS:

--- Doc: 1) Arch, 2) RCR : possibly through

--- Firmware:

--- Tools

--- Engineering Tools.


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