Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
9/28/2008 Meeting Notes



* Chris: Chen's patent is very broad and seems to cover virtually every use of differential pulse transit times, i.e. the difference between two sensors, regardless of the type of sensor. His pqatent was taken by VSM Medtech, and is now owned y BpPro. A product that used 3 sensors would not be covered.
What we are doing falls under the "fair use". Prior art addresses PTT, time between peaks or the time between the peaks on the same artery. Pulse Wave Curve Matching. (PWCM).
We need to determine: 1) what is not covered under existing patents, and how to change a method so it is not covered under a method patent, 3) which technology is covered and which isn't.
* Larry: Inability to get people together at the lab the other night.


* Chris: Will continue with the Chen patent. Legal requirement so that all software is publicly licensed. Will look at open source licensing models.
* Larry: The prototype team will be meeting this Tuesday at the IEEE Lab at the University of Minnesota
* Bob: We should be able to bypass the Chen patent by choosing the correct equation.
* El: Our next meeting of the Coordinating team is on October 26th (4th Sunday) and we are not meeting on October 12th (2nd Sunday).
* Larry: Please send an email reminding members that we are not meeting 10/12, so that it looks different.


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