Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
7/27/2008 Meeting Notes



* Chris: I've been working on the requirements of the prototype and am nearly finished.
* Larry: I'm assembling the prototype team, and finished a course on medical statistics.
* Jerry: I've been working on a survey tool for health and review of bioinformatics.
* Dick: I've been working on the database with Germaine, trying to understand its structure.
* Bob: Developing a simulation of the heart pressure and leveraging the blackbody radiation distribution. It will be useful in Chris' work on the requirements on sampling blood pressure to determine the peak to peak variability, and assess the accuracy of systolic and diastolic estimates.
Harald: Said they use monitors for the forearm and wrist and they both are used in clinical diagnosis.

Prototype Requirements - Chris Adams

Project Vision
* Acquire community knowledge about:
- Data acquisition devices
- HW & SW co-design
- Partition systems into subsystems
- Allocating systems requirements to subsystems
- Embedded software architecture options (round robin, round robin w/interrupts, .., RTOS)
- HW options (MP, memory, gates, buses, ports, clocks,..)
- Acquiring HW components
- Testing embedded software
* Document regulars so they can be reproduced.
* Architecture - basic technology
- HW architecture
- HW component selection
- Embedded sw architecture
- Software language selection
- Cross-platform development tools
* System Vision
- 40 samples/sec from piezoelectric film sensor.
How many data points to emulate a wave form. 40 samples per cardiac cycle from conversation last,. from Jim Holte suggested this.
* Chose digital signal processing rather than analog because of its large multi-use community and rapid learning curve.
* Embed analytics
- Systolic, Diastolic, Heart rate,
- Performs calculations over 5 cardiac cycles every 39 minutes.

Major Out-of-Scope Capabilities
* 7 days of data
* Device calibration
* Patient alerts
* Localization outside of U.S.
Business Rules

* Bob: XML is understood by too small a community and our members and it will take too much power to process.
* Bob: we may need 150 samples per sec. I'll provide an assessment of the needed sampling rate fort the sampling rate.
Chris: Is everything else ready for prototype:
Dick: It is not clear what is an event.
Larry: Where is the requirement to discard the prototype and to let it evolve into something else.

"Project Vision 2008-07-27.ppt"



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