Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
6/8/2008 Meeting Notes



* Bob Schlentz: What did you think of the 5/30/2008 presentation on HeartMath? , .
* Chris: "The Energetic Heart" paper was impressive.
* Larry: I couldn't tell whether their for-profit group ran the non-profit group or vice-versa.
* El: I wonder if they have belief system rather than a science or engineering based activity.
* Bob: Their data seemed to be based on 20KHz data, and seemed more likely to be an interference artifact rather than human physiological data.
* Chris: It seemed to be more psychology rather than physiology. Though, one could say the same thing about Chronobiology. Do we have proof that Chronobiology's conclusions are valid? We take that on faith.
El: We are building a monitor, not validating Chronobiology. Except for the research around the piezo film sensor, this is straightforward engineering and product development.
Chris: But, it will be obsolete soon.
El: Good, that would accomplish our objective, too. But, so far no one is building an inexpensive monitor that collects a week of blood pressure measurements that can be downloaded and analyzed with Franz and Germaine's techniques. The products being developed are expensive and targeted towards clinical healthcare, not preventative healthcare.
Chris: However, we need to consider that the monitor enables research towards.
* Chris: we need to start prototyping the data acquisition platform, collect it from the data, repeat the collection every 30 minutes. The first prototype should be strictly a data acquisition device, and then provide a USB port.
From the Architecture:
* Sensor, Power, Processor, Memory, Communications, System Software, some application software
- Enough to get a measurement
- Close enough in size to strap on or paste on the arm.
* Chris: I'll finish the requirements. Larry will you lead this prototype Sensors project?
* Larry: Yes.
* El: I'll give you contact information of the current Sensors team members.



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