Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
5/11/2008 Meeting Notes



* Chris: Requirements that come from Education - abolish jargon, use commonly accepted language. I.e. Least Squares curve -> best fit curve.

Open questions: How to do Population Analysis. Does a teacher teach that over individual analysis?
How much do they teach?
How to teach Chronobiological cycles? Recognizing Cycles, measuring cycles, how much data is enough.
Teachers live with parallel curriculums.
Gut feel: only the most advanced students would taken on an experiment consisting of wearing an ambulatory blood pressure monitor.
* Replace these words with common usage terms that can be understood without definition.
* Chronobiology
* Sphygmochron
* Mesor
* Cycle -> Rhythm.

Need to separate language elements.
Language is specific to a community. Different communities may use different languages. Different communities may have different values.
Next step is work on in requirements. Thinking of taking of taking 2-3 days in May to write requirements.
Two interesting questions came from last meeting: 1) Commercialization, i.e. which users, release event. 2) Where do we want to go, and do we have people go, leadership. especially in sensors and software, two active areas of prototyping.
3) Industry changes to the systems definition. EIT (Electron emitting tomography). Using a cell phone as an imaging device and communications. A data acquisition device, laptop and cell phone. How much can you distribute the requirements to get rid of the cell phone. What does this imply about the system architecture.
* Dick: Been on the Biocos ABPM for one week. Started thinking about the process of making blood pressure measurements and inferring diagnosis and treatment, reading the Geddes book. We may end up with a sensing mechanism that is significantly different that the current mode, by eliminating the cuff, relating it to what the physician current gets. What would requirements look like, relative to national and international.
* Gerry: Learned that medicine is not serial but parallel. Clinical information system. Time is competing with Health Cord System. Gerry, Gary, harmony among the providers, the questionnaire, Milt Siefert, setting up the foundation.
* Jim Holte: Dissertation on non-invasive BP measurement
* We: Updated website to include Akhila's paper and Hannu Sorvoja's dissertation.



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