Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
4/13/2008 Meeting Notes



* Larry: Writing a paper for Franz.
Phase 1 is complete - in Excel, Phase 2 is underway.
* Chris: Education scenario and requirements.
* Dick: Been years since I've coded. Physics tutoring, education, project front end - customer requirements, back-end system preparation for installation. Chris: We could split architecture from requirements.
* Franz: Can this group Meet with McCarthy
5/27 (Tues) or 5/30 (Fri).
Tuesday, 5/27, earlier.
* Germaine: differences in blood pressure if the stroke is hemorrhagic or ischemic. 2) Implantable device for measuring blood pressure in the left ventricle


Requirements by Chris Adams

Slide2 of Phoenix Scenarios 208-04-13.ppt.

Scenario 7 : Education
Jr & Sr High,
Math or Science

In science:
1) history or nature of science.
The process of hypothesis, The scientific inquiry (observ, hypothesis, prediction, test)
Scientific enterprise: technology.
2) Life Science: Human organism (physiology)
3) Mathematics: Data analysis (9-11)- Representation of Data; Probability
* Concerns

Meta Model:
Given a learning objective, break teaching into Units, lessons, and tasks. Outcome measurement of meeting objects.
* Teachers deal with:
- ability groups: middle, gifted, special ed.
- Learning outcomes, assessment methods.

What are the requirements differences for the monitor?
* One is the black box vs. exposing the technology or the mathematics.
* A way of teaching chronobiology;
- collect data, plot data.


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