Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
1/27/2008 Meeting Notes



* Chris: Worked on requirements, thinking about the Biomedical Conference.
* Gerry Werth: Majordomo is working. Wants an archived email, may use Yahoo groups.
* Bob: Pharmacopoeia m, set of requirements for Section 9.7 of the US Pharmacopoeia, interface between the body and equipment on the body. There is a committee of the MN legislature, Senator Linda Berglund, interested in reducing the price of medical care, specifically informatics and medical records.
* Germaine: Got data on the correlation of approval rates of US President and the 1.3 transyear cycle. They suspect a correlation between terrorism, confidence, and a 1.3 year cycle of solar wind and geomagnetism over 39 years of data.
* Yoshi: Monitoring in Antarctica, problems in cuff, skin damage, breakdown. He has noticed skin problem due to the cuff. Few subjects agree to monitor longitudinally (over great time periods - BP), this depends on blood pressure perhaps, when the BP is high, they may feel pain in their arm and not want to measure. Therefore, developing a non-cuff monitor is very important.
* Chris: Do we know what the long-term requirements of Phoenix are? Yoshiko has completed 20.5 years of continuously wearing his cuff.
* Chris: Currently our requirement is 7 days. Should we just leave it at that?
* Germaine: Have a device that would work for 7 days would be tremendously beneficial. People with heart problems may need extended monitoring, but if that increases the difficulty of getting the 7 days device, we would choose the 7-day device.
* Chris: Is this 7-day requirement real?
* Bob: The requirement is real from a clinical study perspective.
* Chris: Requirements, Architecture, Open Source. Interplay of those three. Don't try to do both architecture and requirements simultaneously.
* El: 2 - 3 sentence bios. El will ask for an audience description, background and interest.
* Germaine: Suggested that we present the Sphygmochron as a framework, an example. Start with it. Suggests that we compare against the A&D device.


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