Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
2/26/2006 Meeting Notes




Status Review:

* Chris: Working on HL7 and HIPAA.
* Larry Beatty: Worked with NVu to set up Germaine for composing and managing the web page for the prototype application.
* Dave Skramsted: The sensor team is forming, Mary Jo is working on the piezo film sensor, Dave and John Sawyer are working on an ultrasound sensor, looking at the Tensys system to see alternative approaches that do not violate their patients.
* Bob Schlentz: Discussed website storage requirements for his project describing the physiological issues.
* Gerry: Learning more about the clinical experience by living it as a pediatrician. Electronic record is marginally useful, there is such a large burden in gettting it in, Werner Slack noted that if organizations required something into a system, the system must provide a greater payback than the effort need to put it in.
Dennis: Looked at Sourceforge, which is a hosting project to host projects. They currently host over 100,000 projects. Dennis registered to do a project and within 1 hr, they approved it and gave him webspace. He asked for a new top lev3el category of projects, called Medical with no result, yet. He saw a project on medical terminology.

Another relevant aspect for sourceforge is that one must select a license, eg. GPL, Apache to Zlib, about 50 licenses. Dennis suggests that as long we are going to use GNU, we should use GPL.

Sourceforge provides so much infrastructure - help, compile farms, news, ... They get ads, traffic. Anyone who is a developer should be registered there. It is used for two audiences - developers and administrators.

Larry noted that Sourceforge is missing a few features needed to satisfy FDA and ISO regulatory approval, such as who submitted the bug, custody of source code, etc. We discussed asking Sourceforge to adopt those capabilities for the future, while we deploy our own development environment. Dennis asked when we needed to comply with FDA. Chris and Larry noted that compliance needed to occur whenever we create a baseline to test against. Typically, this occurred as late as possible because organizations couldn't afford to do it throughout their projects. We noted this would occur at the Productizationization and Advanced Testing phase on our Roadmap.

* Germaine: She is working with the differences between Mozilla/Firefox and IE. Also, she noted an article.

* Chris: System Requirements. A key question is how do we calibrate the ABPM. Bob said it would be like: 120 mmHg for systolic and 70 mmHg for diastolic. Germaine pointed out that this would change over time. Bob said this would be done simultaneously for cuff and ABPM, and multiple measurements to establish statistical confidence. We also have to calibrate heart rate, and any other measure we calculate.

Gerry Werth - MiniTopic
Fractal Composition
Fractal objects contains other objects of its own kind. E.g. an interface kind or organization. Can a person be fractal?

Fractal Composition
* Fractal Object: May contain other objects of its own kind.
* Composition Spectrum:
- Structural Hierarchy
-- Physical
-- Logical
- Membership

Product as a fractal
Product can contain products.
E.g. The automobile's parts are worth more disassembed than the assembled car is worth.

Organization Structured Hierarchies
* Organizations can contain Organizations
- Company
-- Division A
--- Dept 1
--- Dept 2
-- Division B

An Organization as a Fractal Collection

Person as a factal
- Pregnant woman
- Multiple personality
- Merging Multiple Instances
- Same Person, but multiple instances in database.
- Customer with multiple customer IDs.

A fractal Person.
- than make logical pointers, access by reference.
- send a message to the object and return the highest level parent that contains all of the records.

As an object oriented design, each entity is an object, and each can interogate upwards to get its data in "object space", and be able to get what is needed, and not have to have the patient identifiers carried along. Then, you can anonymitize the data, yet get the information from above to do the long term data analysis. Then, you can model the individual as a person object and the create a HIPAA compliance manager that could be queried with "audit me".

Is Person a pattern, referenceable using a pattern library?


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