Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
5/2/2004 Meeting Notes




Germaine Cornelissen-Guillaume
El Nolley
Wade Peterson
Jay Rabel

Bob Schlentz

Steve Stadler



Steve Stadler is joining us. He has an electronics design consulting company that focuses on embedded systems, is a member of the Twin Cities IEEE Consulting Network and is looking forward to participating in the Phoenix project. He'll review our material, talk with Wade, and select a project.

Bob: Walgreen, Walgreens is marketing a wristmounted blood pressure monitor for a little over $50. We found a blood pressure monitor at:

and noted that it is an Omron self-inflating cuff, 90 measurement memory, powered by 2 AAA batteries, targeted for home use, and has a $89.99 price. It indicates that there is a growing consumer market.

El: Designed a new hompage and tributary pages, will email the new draft webpage to Germaine to review with Franz and return with comments.

Preparation for the May 16th brunch.

11 Phoenix attendees have sent RSVPs to me: El & Riva Nolley, Wade Peterson, Curt McNamara, Bob & Eileen Schlentz, Srilakshmi, Srikanth, Jim Holte, Mary Jo Rawson, Jay Rabel

Suggested agenda


El can bring his video projector and computer. We would need a screen and a way to slightly darken the room.
Questions: 1) Should we use the projector for presentations?, 2) Does the Hilton have wireless LAN (WIFI), or other high speed internet access?

Dress: El is planning to wear a sports jacket & tie. Our guests from Japan will probably wear suits.

o What have they learned about sensor approaches, what works and what doesn't?
o Why did they stay with such a conventional approach, eg. Regular batteries, cuff, etc?
o They have nice analysis approaches and incorporate techniques from chronobiology. But, they do not have reference data, why not? They are using oscillometric measurements and require algorithms to estimate systolic and diastolic pressures that use static parameters that have since changed? How do they intend to address this?
o How did they accomplish validation and certification?
o Are they interested in sharing of data & approaches to improve diagnosis & treatment? What is their approach to incorporating new suggested protocols and data?


Brunch: 5/16, 12 noon, Hilton Garden Inn - Shoreview, RSVP to El

1050 Gramsie Rd
Shoreview, MN 55126-2949
(651) 415-1956



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