Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project
1/25/2004 Meeting Notes


* Attendees
Curt McNamara
Mary Jo Rawson,
Germaine Cornelissen-Guillaume
Jon Moon
Wade Peterson
Bob Schlentz
El Nolley
(Uri Spector - not here)
Jim Holte
Srilakshimi Bathina
Srikanta Kolluru -

* Hot Topics
- Org setup for participants: Open Source
- Meet Franz's goal (Easy to access cyclic data, Small, inexpensive, easy to use)
- Learn a lot, something interesting
- Acceptability - physician, patient, get drug companys' help.
- Establish cost, priority of cost?
- Identify customers: what they want?, what satisfies them
- No preconceived assumptions
- Think outside the box
- Capture requirements
- Analysis of Data
- Measurement method

* Organization Groups: in what part of this project do you want to work
- IP Issues (wp, jm)
- Lab Resources (wp)
- Sensor Development (jm, jh, wp)
- MarketPlace - assure that it is deployed & used, (en, )
- Application - Chronobiology, (mjr)
- Analysis of Data (jm)
- Identify several clinical MD's to consult, EMBS Phoenix mailing
- Hardware Design (cm)

* Background of Open Source - Wade Peterson
- 1999 Wishbone - Soc
- Differences
-- General Public License: anyone can use Open Source (OS) products if they agree that any improvement is also part of OS.
-- OS takes a long time.
- Ownership
-- Richard Stallman created the General Public License with a copyleft which guarantees that anyone can use it for free & all improvements must be changed.
-- Lesser GPL: if one improves an OS product, it remains OS, but they retain proprietary rights to derivative products.
-- To place a Patent in public domain, you must assure it doesnt infringe on other patents, use:
United States Statutory Invention Registration. It's exactly
like a patent, except it's only used for defensive purposes. If you go to: and search the patent database for number 'H1444'
you'll see an example.
-- RAND: Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory
Wade suggested a couple of helpful web sites on open IP:
The Duke University Center for the Study of the Public Domain has some very helpful legal information and links. They are at:
The Open Collector at has some very practical information too and may help with IP issues and promotion on our Phoenix project.
All of the standards organizations (ANSI, IEEE, etc.) have patent policies now. They might be helpful because they're all trying to eliminate patented inventions from their standards.

Mind Maps : Priorities & Organization of critical issues.




* Sphygmomanometer Proposal by Bob Schlentz



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